It seems like magic,
but it’s really pretty simple!

Marketing automation refers to the software which exists for the purpose of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as e-mails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. 

At Kunstmaan, more and more clients are looking for an automated solution for their daily struggle. After trying out different solutions, we went on board with

How does it work?

Campaign workflow

Campaign workflow

A light integration sends the platform customer behavior data from our website. Then you can start sending messages based on what users do or don't do. Increase engagement, revenue, and customer success. 

There are 2 different types of campaigns that can be used:

Segment triggered campaigns


Create groups of similar people using things you know about a person, or things they’ve done to better inform what you say to them.

Let's say we create a segment for people having Dutch as language. After creating the segment, we can trigger a campaign for all contacts belonging to this segment. 


Event triggered campaigns


Events are actions people perform in your app/website. Events can be things like downloading a specific PDF on your website, or even things that happen behind the scenes, like a successful credit card charge. Once an event occurs, a new campaign can be triggered with this event. 


Inside event-triggered campaigns, there’s a 30-minute window after the event takes place for users to match both event filters and segment filters, regardless of any delay that you might add to the campaign. This means that if a user doesn’t initially match a filter, there are still 30 minutes for retries.

For one of our clients, we had created a campaign for each language because there wasn't another solution for this. After a while we saw that some users were getting the same e-mail multiple times in different languages. The important note above describes the issue here. Someone could download a PDF on the website and this would trigger a specific e-mail in the customer's language. When this user changes its language on the website in the grace period of 30 minutes, he/she would get the same e-mail again but now in the other language. 

The better and only way to do this correctly is to add a campaign without filtering on language segment, but to add the filter as a condition on the "e-mail" task.

Condition on email action

Condition on email action

Last but not least

The support team is awesome !! 

When struggling with our problem of the grace period, we contacted the support team of and got in touch with Wendy Teo.
She gave us a lot of information and helped solving our problems with long e-mail support!

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Sander Goossens

Backend developer

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