Kumathon 2018

Creating a website? When deciding on your technology stack, you need to choose the best tools for the job.
Find out why everyone is talking about Kunstmaan CMS, the hottest PHP content management system on offer!

Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April are the dates for your calendar. Come along and join the Kunstmaan CMS Hackathon. Food, drinks, coding, there will even be prizes!

About the CMS

Built on Symfony Framework

If you've used Symfony before, then you'll already know just how easy it is to create powerful applications for your clients. Our open source CMS comes with a wide range of features out of the box designed to make development fast and enjoyable, whilst giving your clients the control they need over their website's content.

  • Great looking user friendly interface
  • High quality extendable open source code
  • Growing user base and community

Awesome features

  • Flexible page content management system
  • Menu, navigation, and publishing management
  • Fully integrated media manager
  • Versioning for pages, forms, content, and draft content
  • Internationalisation by default. Make your site multilingual!
  • Built-in Google Analytics dashboard
  • List management system with export to CSV/XLSX/ODS
  • SEO metadata editor
  • Form builder admin section
  • Command line tools

If you'd like to learn more, don't miss out, join us in attending The Kumathon 2018!

About the Hackathon

What's happening?

Come and experience it for yourself. People from near and far will come to Kunstmaan's offices in Leuven for a fun-packed 24 hours. Whether you are a developer or not, there is something for everyone.

For non-coders, we will a hold master class session guiding new users through the CMS admin section. You will learn just how easy it is to manage a site, creating pages, managing content, handling images and other media, and much much more! There will also be an opportunity to suggest improvements during a brainstorming session.

Get hacking!

After the introductory sessions, it's time to get coding! There will be prizes! Select your mission:

  • Make the CMS compatible with Symfony 4
  • Create a brand new UX for the admin interface
  • Do a SWOT analysis of the CMS and other competitive CMS systems
  • Integrate a chatbot into the CMS
  • Improve the test suite
  • One of your very own ideas please!


Friday 27th

  • 6-7PM Food & drinks
  • 7-8PM Start sessions
  • 7-9PM Brainstorm
  • 9-10PM Sharing ideas
  • 10PM+ Hackathon

Saturday 28th April

  • 9-10AM Breakfast
  • 10AM-12PM Hack on
  • 12-1PM Lunch
  • 1-4PM Hack on
  • 4-6PM Show off & Prizes

Ready to rock?

Update: the registrations are closed.

Written by

Ruud Denivel

Senior Software Architect

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