On April 9th we've shared our experiences in AngularJS with the Belgian AngularJS meetup group. 72 people joined us to see what we had to say. In case you missed it, don't worry, we have posted the slides and video's here.

At Kunstmaan we love building interesting projects. With the rise of JavaScript the past few years our way of developing applications has changed dramatically. AngularJS is a recent development but it's already showing lots of promise. We've used it in a couple of projects. Some are still in development but others like www.extradeluxe.be have already been released. In the following two talks we went into detail on how we go about such projects.

Keep your sanity while developing AngularJS apps on an enterprise scale

Building larger applications is tricky in AngularJS because there are very few conventions. Angular leaves this up to you. In this talk we’ll share all the lessons we learned from building a huge AngularJS application. We’ll go over the importance of creating those conventions and some of the conventions we made. We’ll also highlight how to correctly use angular’s concepts in order to keep your codebase clean and maintainable. Lastly we’ll show the benefits of using UI-Router over ngRouter and the ways in which you can automate your workflow for improved maintainability.

To get you started using some conventions and automation we developed the ‘angular-super-seed’ which contains a lot of the things we’ve talked about.

Showcase: De Kust www.extradeluxe.be

We’ll show you how we created the visual experience of De Kust Extra Deluxe. An interesting project that showcases the power of AngularJS for creating immersive campaign websites. 

We’ll explain how we used directives to structure the view, and promises to control the flow of the application. We’ll also talk a bit about implementing HTML5 pushState and how we solved content versioning in a static generated client side application.