On April, 18th, Kunstmaan CTO Roderik van der Veer and founder of Blockchain Vlaanderen will speak on the second Blockchain Vlaanderen meetup. The Blockchain Vlaanderen meetup group has been formed to bring developers, business, startups and any that don't fit in any of the former categories together to share their vision, developments and research related to this technology.

This edition will feature four talks ranging from an introduction into Blockchain, over all the different implementations of Blockchain through to an inspiring talk about the usecases in the financial sector with a real live demo of such an application.

Of course there will be ample opportunity to network and talk Blockchain with us before and after the talks.

Registration is free and can be done on the Meetup site at http://blockchain.vlaanderen. We are looking forward to talk to you about any and all Blockchain topics and experiments.

See you there!