On the first of December, in a joint effort between Kunstmaan and KBCS Bolero, we will be showcasing the possibilities of the Blockchain technology to KBC employees and management. The Inspiration Days Klant 2020 is an internal KBC event where the employees partipate in, and contribute to the vision for KBC in 2020. At the same time KBC SurfStudio holds the Innovation fair to inspire KBC personnel.

Kunstmaan wil man a booth at this innovation fair where we will be demonstrating a real world application, the Bolero Market Game. This application allows the visitors of the fair to trade in non publicly listed equitiy like stocks and bonds in the virtual "Boleuro" currency. It's based on a private blockchain hosted in three continents (US on Amazon AWS, Japan on Azure and Europe on Digital Ocean) and features a user friendly web interface and mobile applications. 

Since the Blockchain technology is both new and complex, there will be ample supporting material to explain the concepts and very real benefits for KBC as an organisation. 

This is a closed event for KBC personnel, but don't hesitate to contact us if your organisation has an interest in the Blockchain technology.