On Thursday the 8th of November, the meetup of PHP Leuven takes place in the Kunstmaan office in Leuven.


Refactoring: the good, the bad and the ugly by Jeroen Thora

At some point every developer has to deal with legacy code. In this talk we will go through the technical terms related to legacy applicaton, how to move the project from the stone age to the future and getting your client into the refactoring mindset. We'll also go through some actual refactorings and useful resources.


THEOplayer by Pieter-Jan Speelmans

THEOplayer is not only a player for the classic web, but for almost any endpoint you can think of: smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TV's, casting devices, connected devices, set-top boxes, you name it. It is being used by companies like VRT, Telenet, CNN, Microsoft, the list goes on.

Lucky as we are, they actually develop their software in Leuven, Belgium. So we asked their CTO Pieter-Jan Speelmans if he would come over between the conferences and podcasts, and he happily agreed to talk about their build pipeline, how they heavily rely on Typescript and API's, and how they manage to leverage differences between all those different platforms.


Philipssite 5 - bus 10 (Ingang C)
3001 Leuven


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